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Germanisztikai és Fordítástudományi Intézet

Dear prospective students,

on behalf of every member of the Institute of German and Translation Studies, Faculty of Modern Philology and Social Sciences at the University of Pannonia, Veszprém, I welcome you to our website. We hope your visit is motivated by a keen interest in the educational programmes of our institute. I would like to highlight several benefits our courses involve: 1) learning is available in full time or part time courses 2) the education we offer is of the highest standard in both theoretical and practical fields 3) Veszprém is a beautiful city 4) there is a vibrant student life with a range of cultural and sports events.

Through our teaching practice and research projects, our institute plays an important role in mediating knowledge on the languages, cultures, literatures, geography, economic and political life of German speaking counties (Germany, Austria, and Switzerland). In September 1991, the foundation of the institute resulted from the innovative organizational development of the faculty. Since then our goal has been to provide our students with up-to-date, practical knowledge to help them develop an in-depth command of the German language, which combined with an excellent command of the English language may also be beneficial for their master studies in translation and interpreting. The current and expanding range of courses reflect those areas in which our instructors provide a high-quality, up-to-date knowledge that meets the demands of both students and the labor market. In addition, our academic staff is engaged in outstanding research and publication projects and activities.

Thanks to the outstanding community and commitment of teachers and students, the education the institute provides has become well-known and recognized among employers. Our graduates have been employed in cultural, administrative and governmental institutions, including those of the European Union, diplomatic and consular bodies, publishers, media and translation agencies, educational institution and the academia. Besides these traditional employment opportunities, the actors of the private sector have also favored employing our graduates.

As our institute has been dedicated to advancing knowledge and expertise, it has been the cradle of outstanding academic careers for hardworking professionals. We are proud of our former students, who have succeeded in all areas of life. Many good and friendly relationships have developed here over the years, which later also deepened into personal bonds and/or strong professional connections.

Besides the university, the students of the University of Pannonia have always been captivated by the dynamism and the diversity of cultural, artistic, sports and gastronomic events in the city of Veszprém famous for its unforgettable magic.

The academic staff at our institute attaches great importance to tutoring students during their university studies and to providing them with all knowledge and experience that help their future career development. We are looking forward to meet our prospective students, and invite them to participate in the academic activities of our institute, and also to choose topics of their theses from the research areas in which we are experienced. I firmly believe that you will find a lot of useful information on our website.

Dr. habil. József Tóth

Director of Institute, Associate Professor