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Institute of German and Translation Studies
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Institute Description

Institute of German and Translation Studies

The Institute of German and Translation Studies is devoted to excellence in research and teaching German language, literature and culture, German minority studies (German as a minority language) as well as Translation and Interpretation Studies. Philologists and teachers, as well as translators and interpreters are trained as full time and correspondence students.

The main research area of the Institute of German and Translation Studies is Intercultural German Studies as a new paradigm of German Linguistics and Literary Science. The international conferences that are regularly organised at the Institute are related to this subject. Research results are published by Gunter Narr in Tübingen in a series of books called Beiträge zur Interkulturellen Germanistik (BIG), also in the scientific journal Zeitschrift für Mitteleuropäische Germanistik (ZMG), issued twice a year since 2011. The research areas of colleagues involved in the training of translators and interpreters include special language translation and translational science.

Students in the BA programme learn about German linguistics, literature and culture and can specialize in Intercultural German Studies: International Communication.  After graduation students can continue their studies in the Master’s programme where courses are offered in German linguistics, literature, and cultural studies focusing on Intercultural German Studies.

Students in the Translation and Interpretation Studies programme can choose from among three languages: English, German and French. After a theoretical and practical introduction to translation and interpretation, students can choose between two specializations: Translation or Interpretation.

Students learn in small groups with the guidance of excellent faculty and a tutorial system. They can join the projects of the Institute and widen their perspectives with scholarships abroad. The Institute of German and Translation Studies welcomes students by organizing free-time activities as well, like a film club, a garden party, and study trips.

Peter Szondi International Research Centre on German and Comparative Studies
The Research Centre at the University of Pannonia is based on the works of Peter Szondi and regards literature from multiple perspectives. It examines the nature of literary phenomena, poetic forms as narratives, and figural texts. Methodologically connecting philology with philosophy the Research Centre aims at studying literature with additional tools of inquiry such as literary theory or history of scholarship.
The Research Centre was formally opened on 27, March, 2015, with an international conference on the works Peter Szondi. The core questions of the conference were the problems of cognition within the framework of philology in the contexts of contemporary literary paradigms as seen by Hungarian, Italian and Slovak researchers.

Current projects of the Research Centre:

    “Wounded Identities in Europe”. Submitted Twinning Project together with the Uni¬ver-sity of Leipzig and the University of Bergamo.
    Discourse of archeology and poetry in the age of literary modernity
    Introducing publications, guest lectures.

Research Center in Intercultural Germanic Studies

The Research Center deals with a wide spectrum of Intercultural German Studies as a new, widespread paradigm of German Linguistics and Literary Science. It examines the German language and literature as forms of productive interdependency between cultures. Its main location is the Intercultural German Linguistic Competence Center founded in 2008, which is meant to coordinate and intensify the international intercultural linguistic research in the field of German Studies, as well as work as an international scientific forum enabling the regular exchange of scientific views between the internationally acknowledged professionals and young researchers in the area of Intercultural German Studies.